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伦敦国际电影节开幕电影 Frost/Nixon

新片 Frost/Nixon 是今天伦敦国际电影节的开幕电影。原来是一部在纽约和伦敦颇受赞扬的话剧。Michael Sheen 演的 David Frost,1977年成功地对下台后的美国总统 Nixon (Frank Langella)进行了电视采访,是新闻史上的重要事件。当时 David Frost 需要给自己的事业寻找一个转机,Nixon 需要为自己的名誉辩护,但又不希望揭开过多水门事件的内幕,采访中,两人像是猫捉老鼠,或是猎人与狐狸,有时候搞不清楚谁是猎人,谁是狐狸。在这之后,David Frost 成为成功的时政主持人,最著名的节目是 BBC 星期天上午的时政清谈节目,许多名人都曾是节目嘉宾,以后又被新成立的 Al-Jazeera 英语台挖去。他的节目时段现在由 Andrew Marr 接手,改名 Sunday AM。Nixon 后来在政治上也重获新生,从事各种和平斡旋活动,为自己恢复了相当多的名誉。

本剧的编剧是 Peter Morgan,他和 Michael Sheen 之间的合作已经有《君子协定》(The Deal)《女王》(The Queen)。两部片子中 Michael Sheen 演的都是 Tony Blair,难怪《卫报》影评人 Peter Bradshaw 说他总觉得电影中的 David Frost 是布莱尔


Paint the Forth Bridge

如果要形容某件工作反反复复,总也做不完,你可以说 It’s like painting the Forth Bridge.

Forth Bridge

Forth Bridge,又叫 Forth Rail Bridge,是指爱丁堡城北 Forth 河(Firth of Forth)上的铁路桥。铁路桥建成于1890年,已近120岁,目前每天仍然有200趟火车经过,是英国人引以为豪的工程杰作。桥梁的大部份结构是钢,传说中等到把桥梁全部油漆一遍之后,前面的已经褪色,就又得开始重新油漆了,所以 paint the Forth Bridge 成为英国俗语。

最近负责维护 Forth Bridge 的公司发布新闻,说将采用新型油漆,保证30年不褪,所以得另找词汇代替 paint the Forth Bridge 了。

BBC documentary: Britain’s Best Buildings – The Forth Bridge

Forth Bridge painting set the end

Daily quote: paint the Forth Bridge

Daily Quote: shag the camera

Guardian’s Hadley Freeman answers the question “Why do fashion models look so grumpy” from a male reader. (I must confess I have the same question but not sure whom to ask.)

Well, try being a model: you can’t eat, you barely get to sleep and you often have to wear really stupid clothes yet keep a straight face while the photographer shouts about how you should shag the camera, or something.

Daily Quote: lifestreamers

Jeff Jarvis explains what’s the point of lifestreaming:

…For in those lines were people with small cameras hooked to laptops, which used mobile phones to transmit video to the internet, live. They are lifestreamers, who have been simulcasting their lives 24 hours a day. Why? Because it’s there. They’d already been blogging, Twittering, Facebooking, Flickring, podcasting and YouTubing their lives. Live video was merely their next frontier.

Daily Quote: Moutain Lady, Wall Lady

Leo Lewis of the Times described the difference between Moutain Lady and Wall Lady, two leading characters of the popular Japanese TV series:

The show is based on one of the best-selling manga comic books of 2005 and follows the fortunes of the serious-minded, flat-chested Megumi Aoyagi and her sweet-natured, generously proportioned colleague, Marie Mariya.

Daily Quote: Bloody great handbag

Guardian’s Hadley Freeman answers the question “Why do women carry such bloody great handbag?

You want to know why we need such big bags? I’ll tell you why. Because we are the responsible gender. Oh sure, you guys think you are ever so nonchalant and spontaneous, stuffing your keys, wallet and phone into your back pocket and being good to go. Silly women, who can’t even pop to the local shop without stuffing the flipping kitchen sink into their handbags, right? But who do you turn to when you need a tissue? Or a compact for an emergency post-lunch teeth check? Or a pen, or a diary to check one’s availality for the next month? That’s right, to your good lady friend, standing there with her bloody great handbag, like a faithful courtier anticipating her prince regent’s every bloody great need.

Which does not exactly answer the question. Besides, there is ‘man bag’ which is growing its popularity. But I like her writing.

Daily Quote: What muslims?

Jane Godley is quoted on The Scotsman saying:

This terror attack (at Glasgow Airport) has confused Glaswegians. They’re asking if the attackers were Protestant Muslims or Catholic Muslims.

Daily Quote: kissed hands?


Wednesday, 27th June 2007

BUCKINGHAM PALACE: Mr. Justice Griffith Williams was received by The Queen this morning upon his appointment as a Justice of the High Court when Her Majesty conferred upon him the honour of Knighthood and invested him with the Insignia of a Knight Bachelor.

Mr. Richard Stagg was received in audience by The Queen upon his appointment as British High Commissioner to the Republic of India.

Mrs. Stagg was also received by Her Majesty.

The Rt. Hon Tony Blair MP had an audience of The Queen this afternoon and tendered his resignation as Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury which Her Majesty was graciously pleased to accept.

Mrs. Blair was also received by The Queen.

Her Majesty received in audience the Rt. Hon Gordon Brown MP and requested him to form a new Administration. The Rt. Hon Gordon Brown MP accepted The Queen’s offer and kissed hands upon his appointment as Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury.

Mrs. Brown was also received by Her Majesty.

看过 The Queen (2006) 都知道皇室礼仪(protocol)的重要性,还有一个谜团,到底有没有 kissed hands 呢?

Rt. Hon: Right honourable
MP: Member of Paliarment

Daily Quote: No, not?


Simon Hoggart on the Guardian:

Someone asked if he had any advice for his successor. “No”, he snapped. “He is perfectly capable of doing the job on his own.” The word “Not!” hovered unspoken in the air.

Andrew Gimson on the Daily Telegraph:

“Do you have any advice for your successor?” another correspondent ventured, to which Mr Blair replied with a brevity almost worthy of Clement Attlee: “No. He’s perfectly capable of doing the job on his own, thank you.”

Some of us took this to mean that Mr Blair will leave Gordon Brown to make a terrible mess of being Prime Minister and will then have a jolly good laugh at his expense.

Daily Quote: still hated

Lucy Mangan of the Guardian describes the voice of Margaret Thatcher:

As the child of parents who worked in the NHS and the National Theatre, I was brought up to think of her as a one-woman hell on earth, but I popped a few pills and did my best to follow Marr’s examination of the Thatcherite years despite the fact that her voice – that self-aggrandising, cloying, patronised and patronising voice oozing out of that vicious, dead-eyed face – still paralyses me with fear and loathing.

I’m always amazed to see Thatcher is hated so much by some people.

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